Safe and Fun Hoverboards for Kids

To be honest Hoverboards might seem dangerous at first glance and any responsible parent would think twice before allowing their kids play with them however they aren’t that difficult to maneuver once you get familiar with the tricks of the trade.


The specified age for most of the hoverboards is at least eight years but in reality it all depends upon the kid and his/her guardians’. If they can train their kid by keeping all the precautions in mind, a kid can start using a hoverboard at a younger age than the one specified on the product manual. It is advisable to buy a 6.5-inch wheel hoverboard for a kid, instead of the larger wheel sizes, for it is more convenient for them to control it.


It should be made sure that the hoverboard you are getting for your kid is UL-certified. There were cases where some of the non-certified ones caught fire. Some of those were made of cheap components in China and were not tested according to the international standards of safety. Later on it was found out that the low-grade battery packs were the parts that were responsible for causing the fires. These fires became the reason for the nosedive in the demand for hoverboards in all American stores.


However that phase in the story of hoverboards has become past now and most of the hoverboard companies have applied and got UL certifications for the entire models of hoverboards that they manufacture. These steps are taken to ensure that their products are complying with the acceptable standards of safety. The two companies that lead the market in providing safe and fun hoverboards for your children are mentioned below with some of their models that have got appreciation from the kids and parents altogether. Of course you can go to for more reviews from experts and more guidance to choose a hoverboard for all types of uses.




Swagtron was originally called Swagway. They are considered the most economical ones among their available counterparts in the market. Earlier, some reviewers raised hue and cry against their inefficient batteries however, soon after the critique they amended their shortcomings by acquiring the UL-2272 certification. After their cleanup process they came back with the new version of Swagtron featuring high quality battery packs. In addition to this, now their battery packs are sealed in an aluminum enclosure, which would contain sparks or fires in it. Moreover, in a very rare case of a serious accident or damage, they are very far from catching fire. Here are some of the models of Hoverboards made by Swagtron which have earned their due repute among the kids.

SWAGTRON T5 Entry Level

The Swagtron T5, especially, offers all the features of a basic hoverboard, while keeping the cost down. It made its fame as the most loved and popular model as soon as it was launched in the market. With its superb top speed and balanced weight this model is very appropriate for the beginners who want to start adding fun to their life with the help of a nice hoverboard.

Anyone can use its specially designed “learning mode” to plunge into the game. The shining surface and quality tires definitely add the value to the Swagtron T5 and make it capable of giving you the best company for a long time.

SWAGTRON T1 – UL2272 Certified Hoverboard

Once you have mastered the basic skills of hoverboarding on the T5, you can step forward to the Swagtron T1 which comes with augmented top speed. It can accelerate up to 8 miles per hour and you can ride it up to 11 miles on a single charge. It comes with some interesting features that add to its swag. Its smart headlights, sophisticated rubber bumpers and a 250 Watt motor make it stand tall among rest of its counterparts. It’s a little heavier as compared to T5 however that weight also allows the rider to maneuver it well. Its increased top speed and weight don’t mean that a newbie cannot enjoy its ride as it also comes with two modes and kids can also start their hoverboard experience with Swagtron T1 if they are confident to handle it well.




Razor is relatively a bigger company that enjoys good repute in the circle of hoverboard makers and fans.


The Razor Hovertrax 1.0


It was launched as a common hoverboard with high-quality gyro sensors. Its battery bank was designed to provide continuous usage up to 2 hours. It’s strong frame, simple controls and smart features made it famous among the kids. It came with dual hub motors that didn’t make a loud sound while in use. Therefore it also became a favorite among parents who used to get disturbed by loud noise of hoverboard motors whenever their kids wanted to try some hoverboarding in lounge or doorway.


The Razor Hovertrax 2.0


No doubt the Hovertax 2.0 can be considered as the flagship model of Razor. The Hovertrax 2.0, proved itself as a highly improved version of its predecessors. The R&D team at Razor worked hard to address all the discrepancies of the previous models and launched Hovertax 2.0 with extra special features to grab the attention of Hoverboarders. The Hovertrax 2.0 is a great board for kids. Safety is the foremost priority of this model as it comprises of a separate compartment for the battery packs. In addition to this, the compartment can be detached which means that you can interchange the batteries whenever they run down with more efficient and charged packs. This also resulted as a great feature as it prolonged the hoverboarding time for the kids and it saved the parents from buying of two or more hoverboards as they were able to buy more batteries instead of buying separate hoverboards for their kid.



There are many nice hoverboards available in the market with different features and designs however by picking those models for your kids which are keenly designed in accordance with safety standards will not only allow your kid to enjoy hoverboarding but will also keep them safe from accidents and unwanted incidents.

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