Safe and Fun Hoverboards for Kids

To be honest Hoverboards might seem dangerous at first glance and any responsible parent would think twice before allowing their kids play with them however they aren’t that difficult to maneuver once you get familiar with the tricks of the trade.


The specified age for most of the hoverboards is at least eight years but in reality it all depends upon the kid and his/her guardians’. If they can train their kid by keeping all the precautions in mind, a kid can start using a hoverboard at a younger age than the one specified on the product manual. It is advisable to buy a 6.5-inch wheel hoverboard for a kid, instead of the larger wheel sizes, for it is more convenient for them to control it.


It should be made sure that the hoverboard you are getting for your kid is UL-certified. There were cases where some of the non-certified ones caught fire. Some of those were made of cheap components in China and were not tested according to the international standards of safety. Later on it was found out that the low-grade battery packs were the parts that were responsible for causing the fires. These fires became the reason for the nosedive in the demand for hoverboards in all American stores.


However that phase in the story of hoverboards has become past now and most of the hoverboard companies have applied and got UL certifications for the entire models of hoverboards that they manufacture. These steps are taken to ensure that their products are complying with the acceptable standards of safety. The two companies that lead the market in providing safe and fun hoverboards for your children are mentioned below with some of their models that have got appreciation from the kids and parents altogether. Of course you can go to for more reviews from experts and more guidance to choose a hoverboard for all types of uses.




Swagtron was originally called Swagway. They are considered the most economical ones among their available counterparts in the market. Earlier, some reviewers raised hue and cry against their inefficient batteries however, soon after the critique they amended their shortcomings by acquiring the UL-2272 certification. After their cleanup process they came back with the new version of Swagtron featuring high quality battery packs. In addition to this, now their battery packs are sealed in an aluminum enclosure, which would contain sparks or fires in it. Moreover, in a very rare case of a serious accident or damage, they are very far from catching fire. Here are some of the models of Hoverboards made by Swagtron which have earned their due repute among the kids.

SWAGTRON T5 Entry Level

The Swagtron T5, especially, offers all the features of a basic hoverboard, while keeping the cost down. It made its fame as the most loved and popular model as soon as it was launched in the market. With its superb top speed and balanced weight this model is very appropriate for the beginners who want to start adding fun to their life with the help of a nice hoverboard.

Anyone can use its specially designed “learning mode” to plunge into the game. The shining surface and quality tires definitely add the value to the Swagtron T5 and make it capable of giving you the best company for a long time.

SWAGTRON T1 – UL2272 Certified Hoverboard

Once you have mastered the basic skills of hoverboarding on the T5, you can step forward to the Swagtron T1 which comes with augmented top speed. It can accelerate up to 8 miles per hour and you can ride it up to 11 miles on a single charge. It comes with some interesting features that add to its swag. Its smart headlights, sophisticated rubber bumpers and a 250 Watt motor make it stand tall among rest of its counterparts. It’s a little heavier as compared to T5 however that weight also allows the rider to maneuver it well. Its increased top speed and weight don’t mean that a newbie cannot enjoy its ride as it also comes with two modes and kids can also start their hoverboard experience with Swagtron T1 if they are confident to handle it well.




Razor is relatively a bigger company that enjoys good repute in the circle of hoverboard makers and fans.


The Razor Hovertrax 1.0


It was launched as a common hoverboard with high-quality gyro sensors. Its battery bank was designed to provide continuous usage up to 2 hours. It’s strong frame, simple controls and smart features made it famous among the kids. It came with dual hub motors that didn’t make a loud sound while in use. Therefore it also became a favorite among parents who used to get disturbed by loud noise of hoverboard motors whenever their kids wanted to try some hoverboarding in lounge or doorway.


The Razor Hovertrax 2.0


No doubt the Hovertax 2.0 can be considered as the flagship model of Razor. The Hovertrax 2.0, proved itself as a highly improved version of its predecessors. The R&D team at Razor worked hard to address all the discrepancies of the previous models and launched Hovertax 2.0 with extra special features to grab the attention of Hoverboarders. The Hovertrax 2.0 is a great board for kids. Safety is the foremost priority of this model as it comprises of a separate compartment for the battery packs. In addition to this, the compartment can be detached which means that you can interchange the batteries whenever they run down with more efficient and charged packs. This also resulted as a great feature as it prolonged the hoverboarding time for the kids and it saved the parents from buying of two or more hoverboards as they were able to buy more batteries instead of buying separate hoverboards for their kid.



There are many nice hoverboards available in the market with different features and designs however by picking those models for your kids which are keenly designed in accordance with safety standards will not only allow your kid to enjoy hoverboarding but will also keep them safe from accidents and unwanted incidents.

Top 10 Affordable Camera Drones

Drones have been hugely popular lately because of their ability to capture unique selfies and also to capture stunning Arial views. But the mainstream drones are pretty expensive considering that they are not exactly tanks and some break after their first crash so dishing out a sum of 500 to 1500 Dollars feels a bit counter intuitive especially for beginners that is why we have come up with a list of a few affordable drones that are available right now on for around or less than a hundred dollars. If you want to have more detailed info on choosing drones and reviewing those best sellers, The Dronefor Sale is a great site with unbiased opinions.

  1. Rabing RC Drone:

The Rabing drone is a good contender for our list of affordable drones coming in at only 65 dollars it is a bargain, especially considering that it does not lack in features compared to other devices in the similar price range. It is quite handy as it is foldable and can be easily put in a backpack. It comes with an HD camera and a gyroscope with 6 axis rotations. Its controller has a frequency of 2.4 GHz which eradicates a lot of the interference problems you have with other such devices. The control distance is a respectable 70m and with a charge of one hour it can stay airborne for about 7 to 8 mins.


With a price tag of just 51 dollars the SZJJX definitely qualifies as an affordable drone. It also has the advantage of space age looks over its rivals and it also is quite safe because its propellers are recessed inside their individual cages. It has a six-axis gyroscope and an HD camera with real time feed. It can also do 360-degree flips and sideways flight. And with a charge of 90 minutes it can stay up for about 6 mins.


3.DeXop Mini RC Drone:

DeXop mini at a price of 28 dollars is amazing value for money. Its small, light and well built. The camera is not HD but still it does just fine. It can fly for 6 to 8 mins with a charge of 40 min. It comes with its remote control but the batteries for the remote control are not added in the package. It’s great for drone racing due to its light weight build and maneuverability.

4.ToyPark Wall Climbing Drone:

The ToyPark Drone features a unique tumbler like design and the entire drone is enclosed within the solid yet flexible frame. This design enables the ToyPark wall climbing drone to roll on the ground and perform wall climbing stunts. It can fly sideways and hover smoothly with its self-adjusting flying modes. It also features a gyroscope and 2.4 GHz controller. The controlling distance is more than 50 meters and it also has a night flight mode. The flight time is 6 to 10 minutes after a charge of 60 minutes. And the price for all this is 36 dollars.

5.GordVE Mini RC Drone:

At 66 Dollars it is a bit expensive than the others but it makes up for it with increased flight time and less charging time. The flight time on the GordVE is between 8 to 15 minutes and it charges up in about 45 minutes. It features a six axis Gyro and night flight mode. The control distance is about 40 to 50 meters and it uses a WIFI controller which has to be bought secretly. The camera is HD and with its foldable design it can easily fit inside a pocket and can be carried around easily.

6.TOZO Q2020 Drone:

The TOZO Drone at 40 Dollars is also a viable option if you want a drone that is affordable and has a few tricks up its sleeve. It’s great for learning to fly drones because it has a hold function, you can release the throttle and it will hover maintaining the current height. It can also do flips and rolls. It comes with the six-axis gyro and it’s also safer because the propellers are in their enclosures. The flight time is about 5 to 7 minutes after a charge of an hour.

7.SGOTA RC Drone:

The SGOTA Drone at 85 Dollars does strays towards the expensive side a bit but it does offer additional features for that price tag. It has a VR mode which you can experience by putting your phone in a VR box or with VR glasses. It comes with all the things that are expected in this price range such as an HD camera, six-axis gyro, 2.4Ghz frequency and headless mode. The charging time is around a hundred minutes whereas the flight time is about 10 minutes. The control distance is 110 meters and it supports both android and IOS.

8.Luxon Mini RC Drone:

This mini drone by Luxon really is mini. It fits easily on the palm of your hand and is a great toy. At 22 Dollars, it’s definitely affordable and it does come with all the features you need. Mainly it’s good for racing and having fun. The small size is really appealing for indoor use and it’s also safe to use indoors because it comes with a guard around its propellers. It can also do 360-degree flips and does comes with a six-axis gyro.

9.KingPow Mini RC Drone:

The KingPow Mini at 50 Dollars may seem a bit expensive but it does pack a punch. It offers VR mode with an HD camera while being the size of a palm. The remote-control range is also impressive at 100 meters and it can fly for 7 to 10 minutes after charging for just 30 minutes. It is also collapsible which adds to its tininess. It features a headless mode and 3D rolling.

10.METAKOO Drone:

The METAKOO drone, at a 100 Dollars is also at the expensive end if the affordable scale. But it is a full-size drone with the ability to maintain its height and hover smoothly. METAKOO also offers a one-year warranty for the device and a life time technical support. The camera is HD and the flight time is 15 to 17 minutes. The charging time is 120 to 150 minutes. It also features the usual and standard stuff such as six-axis gyro, LED lights for night, 360-degree rotation etcetera.


Best BBCOR Bats Reviews

Baseball at high school level is basically the first step towards a sporting career for many young players. They follow the rules and established concepts as well as the suggestions and recommendations from senior players regarding every aspect of the game. Knowledge about the bats is a very important thing to excel in baseball. When it comes to bats, any bat that is not made up of wood requires a BBCOR certification. Many two-piece bats are not allowed at high school level and the ones that are allowed require having a BBCOR stamp visible on them. Now you may ask that what a BBCOR bat is, well the term BBCOR stands for batted ball coefficient of restitution. It defines the trampoline effect that a bat has on the ball it hits. The specifications for a bat to qualify as a BBCOR bat are:

  1. Its barrel should be 2 5/8 inches.
  2. Its length to weight ratio should be -3.
  3. The length of the bat should be 36 inches or less.

If a bat does not match the above-mentioned specifications it can get you disqualified from a college league.

Like any other sport, when you reach a certain level in baseball, the equipment you use; plays an important role and the bat is the most important thing in baseball as it is the only contact between you and the ball itself. Most players get familiar with the feel of their bats and play accordingly, they feel uncomfortable with an unfamiliar bat and that’s why it is important to pick the right one at the beginner level so that one does not have to switch bats after becoming a pro or a serious player. Given below we have listed a few options for people looking to get in to the game and make a name for themselves

  1. Easton Mako Beast:

    The Easton Mako Beast is the first one that comes to mind. It has a 2-piece TCT composite barrel which makes the bat very light and ideal for rapid swings. The barrel diameter is 2 5/8 inch and the two-piece design is made possible with Easton’s conneXion technology, and the length to weight ratio is -3 making it a BBCOR bat. The handle of the bat is covered with a 1.2mm hyper skin grip which ensures that nice feel of the bat and helps you transfer almost all of your swing momentum to the ball that helps you to hit the ball properly.

  1. DeMarini CF Zen:

The Demarini CF Zen is also a bat that is two-piece with composite construction. This enables it to be light and also with its 2 5/8-inch barrel be powerful at the same time. It also has a length to weight ratio that is -3 which makes it a BBCOR certified bat and it offers quite a large sweet spot and requires no break in period. The bat is very well balanced and the handle is covered with DeMarini’s D-Fusion 2.0 material which ensures that no vibrations and feedback makes it way to your hands keeping them safe.


  1. The Louisville Slugger:

The Louisville Slugger, unlike the others is a single piece bat. It has a fused carbon composite design. It is ideal for hard hitters and the pricing is very attractive too. The TRU3 technology takes care of your hand too by keeping the vibrations at bay. It is BBCOR certified with a barrel that is 2 5/8 inch and the length to weight ratio which is -3. The handle is covered by a lizard grip which all the users like a lot. The bat has a nice pop and you can easily hit hard and long with it.


  1. Marucci Cat7:

The Marucci Cat7 is also a one-piece bat with an all AZ4X alloy construction. The bat itself looks stunning in your hand and it offers a lot of improvements over the Cat6. Marucci has worked extensively on the barrel to provide a sweet spot almost double the size of the Cat6 and it does shows. The bat transfers momentum very efficiently and the barrel has no dead spots which makes it a very trustworthy tool. The bat is BBCOR certified with a 2 5/8-inch barrel and length to weight ratio of -3. It also offers a lot of protection to your hand by deadening the vibrations.

5. Rawlings Velo Hybrid Bat:

The Velo Hybrid balanced bat by Rawlings is also a great buy. It offers the perfect middle point between composite and allows construction. The bat itself is very balanced and a great all-rounder. The barrel is made up of an acoustic allow, which according to Rawlings is the loudest allow on the market. There is a grove lasered into the sweet spot which provides for greater flexibility. The end cap of this hybrid bat is constructed of fiber reinforced composite.
The price is compliant with the market it targets and it offers good value for money. The barrel is 2 5/8 inch and the length to weight ratio is -3 so it is a BBCOR certified bat.


  1. COMBAT MAXUM AB7MX103:The COMBAT MAXUM bat is another great option especially for power hitters. Its one-piece composite design makes it ideal for such players. The all composite also adds lightness to the bat and it’s also very durable. The design of the bat is quite attractive; COMBAT has used its Precision molding technology to create a seamless bat which is very well balanced and consistent. The bat has an adjustable barrel which provides a large sweet spot and transfers most of your momentum over to the ball. It features a lizard skin grip which offers slip resistance and great grip. The barrel is 2 5/8 inch and the length to weight ratio is -3 like the others making it a BBCOR bat.

So here are the few picks that were worth mentioning. All these products are available on Amazon so you can also check them out at any time and pick the one best suited to your needs.  For more information and professional reviews, you can go to Choose The Best Bats and there you could find enough tips and tricks to pick your favorite BBCOR bat.